Hi! I’m Megan, a tech and travel writer/photographer based in the UK!

After 10 years working in the tech industry, I pivoted my skill set to focus on tech and travel writing. Throughout all previous jobs, I’ve written IT policies, internal documentation, as well as kept my blog up to date with my recent travels. Combining these skills gives me a unique voice that is adaptable to most situations.

While on this journey, it’s been important to me to take my own pictures. With that, I’ve been developing (don’t mind the pun) my skills with a camera and loving it.

Whether it’s a whitepaper, blog post, article or sales message, I can write in a tone and style to suit your audience. If you’re looking for technology, travel, or outdoor content, I can help with any of your needs.

You can find me on any of the social media networks below, I’d love to chat about your next project!

We really liked your style and approach to this project. We will be in touch for another project shortly!

— David Chalmers, Skurio

Megan has been incredibly helpful in providing content that converts! She has worked on my website copy, PR pieces and written articles for a magazine I own. Highly recommend!

— Hope Marshall, Marshall Creative